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Associated Project: Gymir

Jun 10, 2015 - Statoil made a minor gas discovery at their Gymir prospect approximately 20 kilometers west of the Aasta Hansteen field in PL 602 in the northern part of the Norwegian Sea. Well 6706/11-2 was drilled to a depth of 8,385 feet encountering a total gas column of 229 feet in the Nise formation. Preliminary estimates place the size of the discovery between one and three billion standard cubic meters of recoverable gas. This discovery along with other discoveries in the area will be assessed by the license partners with the potential to tie back to Aasta Hansteen. Transocean's UDW semisub, Transocean Spitsbergen was used to drill the discovery.

Associated Project: Rossukon

Apr 17, 2015 - Shelf Drilling jackup Key Gibraltar (300'-IC) has drilled the fourth and final Rossukon exploration well for KrisEnergy in the Gulf of Thailand. The Rossukon-3ST sidetrack was drilled in 208 feet of water to a measured depth (MD) of 6,645 feet. It intersected approximately 85 feet true vertical depth (TVD) of net oil-bearing sandstones and 63 feet TVD of net gas-bearing sandstones over several reservoir intervals. All four wells Rossukon wells in Block G6/48 encountered oil and gas and KrisEnergy is now assessing development plan for the field. It has the Key Gibraltar under contract until the end of November and will take the rig next to nearby Block G10/48 to drill the Rayrai-1 exploration well. That will be followed by a 15-well development program in the Wassana field.

Associated Project: Farfan

Apr 16, 2015 - Formation testing of the third Farfan appraisal well has been completed. Petrobras and partner, IBV-Brasil, now plan to move forward with a Discovery Evaluation Plan (PAD). Results from the formation test have confirmed light oil (37 degree API) and good reservoir productivity.

Associated Project: Rhea

Apr 13, 2015 - Noble Energy has acquired operatorship and a 75% stake in PL001 in the North Falkland Basin form Argos Resources Limited. PL001 covers an area of approximately 285,000 gross acres. An initial target has been identified on the license, Rhea, which has an estimated gross mean unrisked resource in excess of 250 million barrels of oil. Drilling is expected to commence during 3Q2015 using the Eirik Raude (UDW semisub).

Associated Project: Roald Rygg

Apr 13, 2015 - Statoil's two-well exploration program in PL602 ended on a positive note with a discovery at their Roald Rygg prospect. Further evaluation will now take place for the potential tie-in to the Aasta Hansteen infrastructure. Estimated volumes in Roald Rygg are in the range of 12 - 44 million barrels of recoverable oil equivalent. Well 6706/12-3 is located less than 4 miles west of the Snefrid Nord discovery and was drilled by the Transocean Spitsbergen (UDW semisub). Partners in PL602 are Statoil as operator with 42.5%, Petoro AS with 20%, Centrica Resources Norge with 20%, Wintershall Norge with 10% and Atlantic Petroleum Norge with 7.5%.

Associated Project: South Santa Cruz

Mar 27, 2015 - Earlier this week Deep Gulf Energy moved the Ensco 8505 to its South Santa Cruz prospect in Mississippi Canyon 563. Drilling is expected to take approximately three months.

Associated Project: Manora

Mar 22, 2015 - G1/48 concession operator, Mubadala Petroleum, has issued a notice to Northern Gulf Petroleum that they are in default for failing to pay their 10 percent of joint venture expenses which is approximately $27 million. If, after 30 days, the default amount has not been cured then NGP's share of proceeds from crude produced from the Manora field will be directed to the non-defaulting parties contributing to the default amount. If, after 60 days, the default amount has not been cured then NGP's 10 percent share of the concession will be directed to the non-defaulting parties contributing to the defaulf. G1/48 is located offshore Thailand and contains the Manora oil field. Partners in the concession are Mubadala Petroleum as operator with a 60 percent stake; Tap Oil with 30 percent and Northern Gulf Petroleum with the remaining 10 percent.

Associated Project: Cronx

Mar 21, 2015 - Independent Oil & Gas continues to work on the potential co-development of Cronx and Elgood and is in asset level discussion regarding funding of a well on Cronx, which is required for the completion of the acquisition. An appraisal well on Cronx is planned for 2015, subject permits, rig availability and funding. The appraisal well would be designed as a producer and used as part of the field development.

Associated Project: Blythe

Mar 21, 2015 - Blythe partner, Independent Oil & Gas, says the FDP remains on track for submission by September 2015. Development of Blythe will be via a single horizontal tri-lateral well. First gas is targeted for early 2017. 3P reserves for Blythe are estimated at 47.5 Bcf. Partners are Alpha Petroleum Resources Ltd as operator with 50 percent and Independent Oil & Gas with the remaining 50 percent. Blythe is located in the UK North Sea in block 48/22.

Associated Project: Kangaroo

Mar 20, 2015 - Karoon drilled its Kangaroo West-1 exploration well to a depth of 10,400 feet and based on mud logs and LWD data, no hydrocarbons were intersected. The well intersected a good thick sealing unit before penetrating a thick sequence of Paleocene to Campanian interbedded sands and shales. The lack of hydrocarbons is attributed to a lack of oil migration charge into the structure, previously recognized as the main risk with this prospect.

Associated Project: Kraken

Mar 19, 2015 - EnQuest's program for Kraken during 2015 includes installation of subsea hardware, including manifolds for the first drill center which connect to templates which have previously been installed, two templates for the second drill center and installation of the mooring system for the FPSO. Development drilling is expected to commence during the second half of 2015 with the Transocean Leader (midwater semisub) with batch drilling of the top-hole sections.

Associated Project: Snefrid North

Mar 18, 2015 - Statoil, along with partners in PL 218, have made a gas discovery on their Snefrid Nord prospect in the Norwegian Sea. Snefrid Nord increases the resource base for Aasta Hansteen by 15 percent. Well 6706/12-2, drilled by Transocean Spitsbergen (UDW semisub), proved a 345' gas column in the Nise Formation. Statoil estimates the volumes in Snefrid Nord to be in the range of 31-57 million barrels of recoverable oil equivalent. Forward-looking plans call for the Transocean Spitsbergen to move to PL602 to drill the Roald Rygg prospect. Aasta Hansteen will be the largest SPAR platform in the world and is the biggest ongoing field development project in the Norwegian Sea. Production start-up is expected in 2017.

Associated Project: Knarr (Jordbaer)

Mar 18, 2015 - BG Group has begun oil production at the Knarr Field through its leased FPSO, Petrojarl Knarr. The FPSO has a production capacity of 63,000 bpd and a storage capacity of 800,000 barrels. Knarr was discovered in 2008 and has an estimated gross recoverable reserves of approximately 80 million barrels of oil equivalent with a production life of at least ten years. In 2011 the Knarr field was merged with the Knarr West field into an integrated development. New exploration drilling in the license area is ongoing, in order to help extend the production life further. BG Group is the operator of the field with a 45% working interest. Partners include Idemitsu Petroleum Norge (25%), Wintershall Norge (20%) and DEA Norge AS (10%).

Associated Project: Rossukon

Mar 17, 2015 - KrisEnergy commenced drilling their Rossukon-2 exploration well in Block G6/48 offshore Thailand using the Key Gibraltar (300' ILC). Planned total depth of the well is 5,462 feet and it is designed to test Early Miocene stacked fluvial sandstones on a broad structural high. The well is also planned to test the Rossukon-1 reservoir with the hopes that the discovery could be brought into commercial development. Once operations are finished at Rossukon, KrisEnergy plans to move the rig to their Wassana Field for development work.

Associated Project: Gemini

Mar 17, 2015 - Lundin reports that their Gemini prospect was drilled to a depth of 7,545 feet and terminated in the Heather formation in Upper Jurassic rocks. While the well encountered an approximate 98-foot thick sandstone layer, it was determined to be non-commercial. Well 16/1-24 was drilled using the Island Innovator (midwater semisub).

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